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Securing your PSD2 transactions

How to make the most of PSD2 opportunities while improving security

Join us on May 14 for this PSD2 security webinar with Ena Hurmola, PKI Security Consultant at nCipher Security and Kornel Reti, PKI expert research engineer at Microsec (QTSP).

This session is designed to support Payment Service Providers (PSPs) by offering knowledge on how to provide a secure background for PSD2 transactions based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). The webcast will cover:

  • PSD2 security requirements in access-to-account and strong customer authentication
  • Understanding the critical function of PSD2-specific qualified certificates (a.k.a. “eIDAS certificates”)
  • How to create trust between PSPs without a direct contractual link
  • Understanding the role of nCipher hardware security modules (HSMs) at a leading PSD2 certificate service provider
  • Insight for PSPs about the security aspects of access to accounts and user data protection during server to server communication
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