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Strengthening containerized application deployments with HSMs

The adoption of container technology continues to intensify. In fact, Gartner predicts that more than 75% of organizations will use containerized applications by 2022.

When containerized applications incorporate the use of encryption to protect sensitive data and systems, the underlying encryption keys must be secured. The use of hardware security modules (HSMs) to safeguard cryptographic keys is not only a recognized best practice but is often required by compliance mandates.

With containerization development to release phases being fast-paced it is critical for you to have a proven deployment model and scripts to help reduce the overall cycle.

Join this live webcast to:

  • Learn how nShield Container Option Pack makes it easy to build HSM support into containerized solutions and provides a template deployment model that allows you to focus on the containerized application without having to worry about the HSM integration
  • Understand how the flexible deployment options allow you to easily create brand new containerized applications, integrate an HSM with an existing containerized application, or use nShield as a Service for cloud hosted HSM deployments
  • Discover the extensive scalability offered with no enforced limitation on the number of hardserver or application containers, working with any number of container hosts (physical or virtualized server instances
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