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Technical webcast: REST API and Web services options pack

As organizations increasingly adopt cloud -first strategies and operate in multi-cloud environments, security concerns remain – from visibility into the data protection architecture to managing complex security policies and encryption keys that secure applications and data.

In this technical webcast we will expand on the technical elements around the nShield REST API’s. The functionality of the nShield Web Services Option Pack and how it provides a REST API between applications requiring cryptographic key and data protection services and nShield HSMs, enabling seamless application deployment underpinned by high-assurance nShield HSMs, which can dynamically scale to meet the needs of cloud-ready data centers.

Topics discussed will include how to use load balancing appliances to handle the HSM workload, simplifying the HSM deployment and configuration, and ensuring the best utilization of HSM pools.

Join the webinar to learn about REST API and Web Services Option Pack:

  • How to solve market challenges, like: scalability, software footprint, load balancing, OS dependency and complex crypto API’s
  • What it is exactly and how it technically works
  • New product features
  • Understand the architectural overview and deployment
  • The technical requirements and best practices
  • How to test it in your own environments
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