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WEBINAR: 2020 Hong Kong Encryption Trends

Organizations are increasingly adopting encryption of enterprise and customer information to protect against accidental disclosure and potential threats from hackers. But as organizations adopt cloud-first strategies, containers, mobile devices, IoT and other new technologies, security challenges arise – from deploying and training users on encryption technologies to the pain associated with managing large numbers of encryption keys.


The Hong Kong edition of the annual Global Encryption Trends Study from the Ponemon Institute (sponsored by nCipher) will be released on May 20, 2020. This webinar will take a look at the findings and discuss practical ways to implement strong encryption without the pain.


Join our webinar "2020 Hong Kong Encryption Trends" and learn:

  • Encryption trends in Hong Kong vs globally
  • How to strengthen encryption key management at scale for mission-critical workloads
  • High-availability encryption solutions combining Fornetix VaultCore key management and nCipher nShield Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), for on-premises or cloud deployment
  • Use of Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) for encrypted storage and backup solutions
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