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Thales delivers trust and security to internet-based Kakao Bank

nShield hardware security module from Thales secures mobile banking data

Thales, a leader in critical information systems, cybersecurity and data security, announces Kakao Bank, Korea’s digital-only bank, is deploying Thales nShield hardware security modules (HSMs) to secure the foundation of its banking systems. The nShield HSM, which is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified, delivers key management and data encryption, including mobile user authentication.

Kakao Bank’s financial services are conducted exclusively through mobile applications. The mobile-only nature of the technology lends particular urgency to the need for robust protection of the data used.

The nShield HSM provides a hardened, tamper-resistant platform for performing functions including encryption, digital signing, and key generation and protection. nShield HSMs support an extensive range of applications, including certificate authorities, code signing or any other application that uses digital keys, either on premises, or in virtual or cloud environments.

For a company like Kakao Bank, the nShield HSM was considered optimal because of its reputation for protecting data across devices, processes, platforms and environments. The solution helps financial service providers protect their customers, meet government and industry compliance standards, facilitate security auditing and avoid the damage to reputation caused by data breaches.

Kee Tae Kim, Director for Thales eSecurity in Korea says:

“As the financial service industry continues to evolve from physical financial services, to mobile payments to digital-only banking, the requirements have only become more stringent for data security and privacy. This is one of many reasons why Thales is at the forefront of delivering advanced security services for new and innovative financial services organizations like Kakao Bank.”

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