nCipher Security News Release

nCipher Introduces Industry's First Line of Multi-Platform HSMs Supporting PCI Express

nCipher nShield 6000e is the highest performance HSM for PCI Express on the market – capitalizing on next-generation server platforms while supporting encryption and key management efforts

nCipher plc (LSE: NCH), a global leader in protecting critical enterprise data, today announced nCipher nShield for PCI Express, the first multi-platform hardware security module for PCI Express, a computer expansion card interface format officially abbreviated as PCI-E or PCIe. By extending PCI Express support within its HSM portfolio, nCipher customers can incorporate hardware-based cryptographic protection within next generation server platforms, maximizing performance while satisfying security best practices.

nCipher’s PCI Express HSMs are available in two variants: nCipher nShield 6000e, which is the highest-performing multi-platform HSM on the market for processing 2048 bit and 4096 bit keys, and nCipher nShield 500e, ideal for applications with less demanding performance. The new nShield for PCI Express products are specifically designed to maximize performance when using longer key lengths to increase overall security. For example, when performing signing operations using the widely adopted 2048-bit RSA algorithm, nCipher nShield 6000e provides more than five times the performance compared to its predecessor and over 12 times more transactions per second than the closest competitive product when using 4096 bit keys.

HSMs have long been accepted as an industry best practice for protecting encryption keys, because they overcome the inherent security weaknesses of managing and using keys in software. Businesses are widely adopting servers with PCI Express slots to capitalize on the performance advantages offered by the new interface and to reduce rack space in the datacenter. The new nCipher nShield for PCI Express and the existing nShield product family enable customers to utilize consistent tamper-resistant security practices irrespective of the server platforms they choose to deploy.

“nCipher has long championed the use of hardware protection for keys and the use of longer, more secure keys in business critical applications, and we are pleased that these best practices are now so widely accepted,” said Richard Moulds, executive vice president of product strategy at nCipher. “nCipher nShield for PCI Express not only gives our customers the ability to adopt the best possible security practices in terms of key length but also minimizes the performance penalties that have traditionally accompanied the use of longer keys. We are excited to provide our customers with another industry first.”

nCipher nShield for PCI Express complies with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 (validation pending) and is available in both compact low-profile and full-height variants. For more information on nCipher nShield for PCI Express, please visit