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Thales announces PKI consultancy services

Thales, leader in information systems and communications security, announces a public key infrastructure (PKI) consultancy service, designed to take risk and cost out of deploying, upgrading or refreshing an organization’s self-managed PKI.

Public key infrastructures are a critical piece of almost every IT infrastructure, helping establish the identity of data, people, devices and services. The number of applications in an enterprise that rely on a PKI for their basis of trust is ever increasing. A PKI plays a vital role in enabling organizations to implement, for example, an enterprise ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) strategy, certificate and key injection into devices such as set top boxes, mobile phones and printers, and feature enablement for cars, construction equipment, and other ‘intelligent’ high value assets.

Thales Advanced Solutions Group (ASG) assists organizations in the design and deployment of self-managed PKIs customized to meet their specific needs. Working predominantly with Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services, but also with open source and other applications, Thales offers customers expert advice and assistance together with a range of services – from a turnkey solution through specialized components of a customer driven PKI implementation.

Thales bases its PKI practice on the deployment of hardware security modules (HSMs). The use of HSMs to protect both root and issuing certificate authority (CA) private keys is an industry accepted best practice. It is of crucial importance that the chain of trust leading back to the root CA along with its signing keys is protected with the utmost security, implemented using an HSM to protect against both logical and physical attacks. The higher the value of the applications that depend on a PKI, the more critical it is to protect that PKI with an HSM. The Thales nShield family of high assurance HSMs are designed specifically to protect the private keys that form the basis of trust in all modern PKIs. Thales PKI services are designed to assist its customers in designing, deploying and managing world class PKIs that utilize Thales HSMs to protect their root of trust.

Peter DiToro, Vice President Customer Services at Thales eSecurity says:

"Recent concerns over back doors, poorly implemented crypto systems, out of date algorithms and weak key management systems have led organizations to re-assess and re-evaluate their security infrastructure, and particularly their PKIs as they come under strain to do more. Planning, documenting, implementing and maintaining a PKI is a specialist skill – and it’s rare. The Thales ASG team have decades of experience, know-how and talent in deploying, refreshing and upgrading PKIs, taking risk and cost out of the processes of planning and implementing a self-managed PKI."

Thales PKI Consultancy Services is currently available in North America. Click here to learn more.

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