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Thales Announces Support For SQL Server 2012

Thales Hardware Security Modules Provide High Assurance Key Management For Database Encryption

Thales, leader in information systems and communications security and a Microsoft Gold Partner, announces that its nShield line of hardware security modules (HSMs) are the first to provide comprehensive key management and high assurance cryptography for SQL Server 2012. Microsoft Corp.’s customers selecting Thales nShield HSMs now benefit from additional security features including encryption key management and protection of encryption keys in security hardened FIPS 140-2 level 3-validated hardware – a long-standing industry best practice – enabling organizations to meet compliance mandates such as PCI DSS and data breach notification acts.

“Companies and government agencies are under significant pressure to provide the highest level of security to protect information,” says Eugene Saburi, General Manager, SQL Server Product Marketing, at Microsoft. “Many Microsoft customers operate in highly regulated industries and the Thales nShield HSM is designed to help them meet industry-specific security requirements and implement standards of due care for critical cryptographic processes. SQL Server 2012 and Thales HSMs offer customers a high assurance security framework with centralized key management for their database security needs.”

Thales nShield HSMs protect and manage the keys used for transparent data encryption (TDE) and cell-level encryption in FIPS-validated hardware – allowing organizations to take advantage of cost-effective key management across multiple servers. In addition by using an nShield HSM, sensitive encryption keys in SQL Server 2012 are securely stored separately from encrypted data, providing the best protection against malicious attack and safe harbour from data breach notification requirements in the event of theft or accidental loss.

“The combination of Thales nShield HSMs and SQL Server 2012 satisfies many strategic objectives that organizations may have surrounding data security,” says Cindy Provin, vice president strategy and marketing at Thales eSecurity. “The opportunity to apply Thales’s market-leading key management technologies alongside Microsoft’s database encryption solution enables customers to safeguard their sensitive data without any application changes. Customers can upgrade to the latest version of SQL Server immediately, increasing the overall security assurance of their deployment and helping meet today’s ever-evolving data threats and compliance mandates.”

Thales and Microsoft have recorded a series of joint webinars on database encryption for financial services and government. View these sessions at and

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