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Thales Cloud Key Management honored at 2016 Golden Bridge Awards

Industry leading cloud-based key management helps businesses retain control of their critical assets while capitalizing on the operational benefits of the cloud

Golden Bridge Awards

Thales, leader in critical information systems, cyber security and data protection, is the Gold Winner of the Golden Bridge Award for Cloud Authentication Innovations for its bring your own key (BYOK) technology.

The Golden Bridge Awards is an annual industry and peers recognition program honoring companies from all over the world that have achieved excellence. Winners were announced during an awards dinner and presentation on September 12, 2016 in San Francisco.

Thales leads the industry where cloud security is concerned, providing key management capabilities for the leading cloud infrastructure offerings – AWS and Microsoft Azure – as well as the leading SaaS provider, Thales is clearly the company of choice to support our customers’ cloud security needs.

With Thales hardware security modules (HSMs) and key management on premises, organizations can take control of the lifecycle of the keys they use in the cloud, and revoke or retire those keys as necessary. This BYOK solution gives organizations flexibility in deploying applications in the cloud while retaining control of critical business operations in-house.

Cindy Provin, chief strategy officer at Thales eSecurity says:

“As organizations focus on moving their more sensitive data and applications to the cloud, strong encryption key management is a critical consideration. The ability to manage cryptographic keys in-house and release them to cloud providers only on a ‘need to use basis’ is becoming an increasingly powerful tool and one that Thales has the proven experience and expertise to deliver. We are excited to have our market leading and innovative cloud security expertise recognized by the Golden Bridge Awards.”

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