nCipher Security News Release

Thales nShield Secures Brazilian National Institute Of Information Technology Certification

nShield Hardware Security Modules Certified For Use With ICP Brasil - Brazil's National Public Key Infrastructure

Thales, leader in information systems and communications security, announces that its nShield Connect hardware security modules (HSMs) are now certified by the Brazilian National Institute of Information Technology (ITI). Certificate Authorities (CAs), banks and public sector departments can now benefit from the superior performance and ease of use of Thales’s market-leading HSMs with the confidence that they are also fully certified to the strictest Brazilian and international security standards.

Brazil’s national public key infrastructure (PKI) – ICP Brasil – provides a trusted service that enables Brazilian organizations to validate the authenticity and integrity of electronic documents and transactions with a level of security sufficient to be used as evidence in judicial and legal proceedings.. ICP Brasil and ITI have created a new standard, based on FIPS 140-2, a widely respected US government computer security standard used to accredit hardened cryptographic modules. In addition corresponding regulation now requires all entities interacting with Brazil’s national PKI to used ITI approved products. From 30 June 2012, only products with ITI approval can be used as part of the Brazilian national PKI.

“The benefits of a national PKI can only be achieved if the system is trustworthy. Placing trust in digital signatures and the documents and transactions they protect relies on a high level of confident that signatures cannot be manipulated or faked. By introducing the ITI certification for high assurance HSMs, ICP Brasil has established a benchmark for trustworthy digital signatures that have evidential legal standing”, says Cindy Provin, president of the Americas, Thales eSecurity. “Thales has long championed best practices and industry standards and receiving the Brazilian ITI certification demonstrates our commitment not only to achieving the highest security standards and compliance requirements, but also to the Brazilian market.”

“Thales has successfully demonstrated that its nShield Connect 500 and 6000 HSMs are compliant with ITI levels NSH2 and NSF2 for use with ICP Brasil. Thales is a global HSM vendor that supports the new Brazilian ITI certification, which is an important component in establishing a national system that can deliver the necessary security in the digital age”, says Dr Adilson Guelfi, Certification Manager at Laboratório de Sistemas Integráveis Tecnológico (LSI-TEC).

High profile breaches such as the attack on the DigiNotar Certificate Authority in the Netherlands have impacted confidence in PKI-based systems. Hardened security devices such as the Thales nShield family of HSMs provide a tamper-resistant environment that protects against both theft and misuse of the security critical cryptographic keys that underpin virtually all the elements of a trusted PKI. Certificate issuance, certificate revocation and signing services all rely on effective long-term protection of keys, processes and applications that increasingly play a role in securing critical national infrastructure and commerce.