nCipher Security News Release

Thales secures green SETCCE eBiller solution at Si.mobil-Vodafone

Electronic invoicing for more than 20% of subscribers cuts costs and reduces carbon footprint

Encryption technology from Thales, leader in information and communications systems security, is being used to secure and speed up electronic invoicing processes of the SETCCE eBiller® solution at Si.mobil-Vodafone, the second largest telecommunications provider in Slovenia. More than 20% of customers have made the switch to receiving electronic invoices, resulting in significant time and cost savings as well as reducing the use of paper and energy. In addition all of Si.mobil-Vodafone’s outgoing invoices - be it paper or electronic - are generated in electronic format in order to optimize internal business processes, greatly enhancing the company’s CRM operations, customer help desk, and electronic archiving.

The eBiller® solution has been designed as an ‘in-house electronic print shop’ that captures the data normally used for paper-based invoicing. An electronic invoice is then produced along with any necessary supplementary information. Each invoice is digitally signed using a Thales nShield™ Hardware Security Module (HSM), part of the nCipher product line, to seal its integrity and authenticity before being sent to customers via e-mail.

The nShield HSM provides an accelerated cryptographic process capable of more than 5,000 signatures per second, which enables Si.mobil-Vodafone to handle large volumes of customer invoices quickly and efficiently. It provides a tamper-resistant hardware environment certified to FIPS 140-2 level 3, one of the most stringent security benchmarks in the industry; and the private keys used for signing can only be accessed if the correct number of authorised personnel are present. This means that the chances of either the keys or the process being compromised are almost eliminated.

“The move from paper-based to electronic invoicing has proved a great success,” said Bostjan Zaversek, Financial Manager for Si.mobil-Vodafone. “There was tight cooperation between our system integrator SETCCE and Thales and their combined knowledge and experience in this specialist area delivered an ideal solution. The service meets all legislative requirements, provides a better level of service and more flexibility for our subscribers. This gives us an important competitive edge.”

“With the massive growth in fixed and mobile telecommunications, billing is a major challenge for all network operators,” says Daniel Mothersdale, vice president international sales at Thales. “The move to electronic invoicing not only cuts costs and streamlines the invoicing process but also reduces the carbon footprint for telcos. But it is also essential that the process is completely secure and Thales technology has a major roll to play in delivering protection and a secure audit trail.