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To nFINITY… and beyond: nCipher’s bold strategic technology partner program

Buzz Lightyear, the likeable superhero character from the Toy Story movie franchise popularized the phrase “to infinity… and beyond” as part of his bold visionary disposition. That same type of forward-looking outlook is what characterizes nCipher Security and its nFINITY strategic partner program. In this blog, the first of an nPowering series of blogs, we introduce the program, our partners, and the commitment we are making to work together to deliver performance and security to customers. Subsequent blogs will give readers the opportunity to get to know our partners: leading technology companies offering a broad range of solutions to help solve customers’ data security problems.

What is the nFINITY program?

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The nFINITY Strategic Technology Partner Program develops integrations with a growing ecosystem of over 100 security solution providers to deliver value and enhanced security to end customers. By hardening partner solutions with FIPS Level 3 and Common Criteria EAL4+ certified hardware-based cryptography, customers are able to choose from a wide array of solutions that address their needs for performance with trust, integrity, and control. End-user application providers, as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) participate in the program. Underpinned by mature, proven processes backed by technology expertise and global coverage, the program ensures the strongest customer support.

Why the nFinity program empowers partners

Integration with certified nCipher nShield hardware security modules (HSMs) deliver high assurance cryptographic capabilities and key management services. This enables partners to address high security markets and expand their business footprint across the entire IT application market space. A dedicated nCipher team guides partners through the integration, testing, and validation process, providing access to nCipher hardware and software, and making available training courses and technical assistance. Partners can quickly integrate, test, and document joint solutions so customers can experience easy deployments.

Joint marketing and sales activity are also an integral part of the program. In tandem with the nCipher communications team, we collaborate with partners on press releases, webinars, blogs, and social media. Go-to-market strategies create awareness of customer pain points. Moreover, development of solution briefs and customer case studies facilitates customer understanding of joint solutions and the value they deliver.

Looking towards the future

Today more than ever before, security challenges are at the center of every application. In fact, security has become an enabler to the use of new technology. Buzz Lightyear also confidently said: “this is no time to panic.” Indeed, partnerships enable us to address challenges head-on. When we capitalize on what we each do best, we bring world-class applications together with the strongest protection mechanisms to deliver customers superior performance, security, and unparalleled support.

To learn more about the nFINITY Strategic technology partner program and what it can do for your business, please visit our dedicated partner page. Get to know our partners. We will feature them as guest bloggers addressing security challenges affecting us today and tomorrow. Follow nCipher on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and me on Twitter @AsenjoJuan