What Are the Key Requirements of IoT Security?

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What Are the Key Requirements of IoT Security?

The key requirements for any IoT security solution are:

  • IoT Device and data security, including authentication of devices and confidentiality and integrity of data
  • Implementing and running security operations at IoT scale
  • Meeting compliance requirements and requests
  • Meeting performance requirements as per the use case

Key Functional Blocks

IoT security solutions need to implement the functional blocks listed below as interconnected modules, not in isolation, to meet the IoT scale, data security, device trust and compliance requirements.

  • IoT Device Trust: Establishing and managing Device Identity and Integrity
  • IoT Data Trust: Policy driven end-to-end data security, privacy from creation to consumption
  • Operationalizing the Trust: Automating and interfacing to the standards based, proven technologies/products. E.g. PKI products

Note: This material was drawn from “Healthcare Iot Security Blueprint: Requirements, Components and Guidelines.”

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