What is IoT PKI?

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What is IoT PKI?

Today there are more things (devices) online than there are people on the planet! Devices are the number one users of the Internet and need digital identities for secure operation. As enterprises seek to transform their business models to stay competitive, rapid adoption of IoT technologies is creating increasing demand for internet of things public key infrastructure (IoT PKI). PKIs provide digital certificates for the growing number of devices and the software and firmware they run.

Safe IoT deployments require not only trusting the devices to be authentic and to be who they say they are, but also trusting that the data they collect is real and not altered. If one cannot trust the IoT devices and the data, there is no point in collecting, running analytics, and executing decisions based on the information collected.

Secure adoption of IoT requires:

  • Enabling mutual authentication between connected devices and applications
  • Maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the data collected by devices
  • Ensuring the legitimacy and integrity of the software downloaded to devices
  • Preserving the privacy of sensitive data in light of stricter security regulations

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