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Managing secret sprawl – why you
need a root of trust

DevOps and distributed work environments are driving growth in the use of passwords, PINs, keys, tokens, and other secrets to access critical applications and data. But protecting secrets across the enterprise is a challenge.

HashiCorp Vault centrally manages secrets, establishes consistent security policies and enables compliance. Integration with nShield HSMs reduces aggregated risks with a robust root of trust to protect Vault master keys.

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Hashcop Webinar

Managing secrets sprawl – 3 reasons why you need a root of trust

Enhancing security

Secrets sprawl blog

How do you apply consistent security policies when protecting increasing numbers of secrets, credentials and confidential assets?

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How nCipher HSMs enhance security of HashiCorp Vault

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Security World whitepaper

nShield Security World architecture provides a unified administrator and user experience with guaranteed interoperability

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Integration guide

nShield enhances the security of HashiCorp Vault

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How do I get started?


Protect master keys used by HashiCorp Vault centralized secrets management solution

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nShield general purpose HSMs

Security you
can trust with
certified HSMs

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nShield as a Service

Easy, efficient access to cryptography
as a service

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Appliance that delivers scalable and highly available cryptographic
key services

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