Is your public key infrastructure
ready for the Internet of Things?

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Is your public key infrastructure ready for the Internet of Things?

The Ponemon Institute 2018 PKI Trends Report found that the IoT is the fastest growing trend driving PKI deployments. The study projects that 42% of IoT devices will use digital certificates in the next two years. A PKI is a vital part of any IoT deployment.

With over 20 billion IoT devices expected to be deployed by 2020 according to Gartner, demand for PKIs to provide digital certificates to devices to support authentication of identities and software updates is growing rapidly. Code signing is a critical element of the security of the IoT.

The IoT requires not only trusting the devices to be authentic and what they say they are, but also trusting that the data they collect is real and not altered. If one cannot trust the devices, there is no point in collecting, running analytics, and executing decisions based on data collected.

How do we establish trust and make the IoT digital transformation work?

  • Enable mutual authentication between connected devices and applications
  • Maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the data collected by devices
  • Ensure the legitimacy and integrity of the software downloaded to devices
  • Preserve the privacy of sensitive data in light of stricter security regulations

Hardware Security Module (HSM) Protect PKI Signing Keys and Secure the Root of Trust

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