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Akana (SOA Software)

Akana's mission is to power the API economy with products that enable customers to plan, build, run and share APIs through comprehensive cloud and on-premises solutions for lifecycle, security, management and developer engagement.

With the explosion of mobile applications and other connected devices, businesses have started to extend their services as APIs for easy and secure consumption through mobile applications. As API adoption proliferates, the requirement for strong lifecycle and governance solutions is becoming urgent. Akana offers complete end-to-end API management that enables organizations to be successfully plan, build, run and share Web services and APIs internally and externally.

Akana offers flexible deployment options to best meet the needs of customers in the cloud, on-premises, or using hybrid deployments. The Akana API Gateway integrates with nCipher nShield HSMs to enhance built-in security functionality to generate keys, authenticate service requests, encrypt sensitive application payloads such as credit card numbers and personal information, and digitally sign message exchanges to guard against interception and modification.

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