Data Sheet

nCipher ASG Encryption Application Code Review

Developing and deploying bespoke code has both advantages and disadvantages for your business. Yes, it enables your business to specify and control a specific application from development to deployment, but as organizations are increasingly turning to specialized encryption technology and encryption libraries to secure their data; security assurance mechanisms are necessary to ensure proper integration into the environment without compromising your existing or proposed security infrastructure. Your code may well work, but it may also inadvertently expose your business to expensive and commercially damaging security vulnerabilities.

nCipher Advances Solutions Group has a proven track record in developing, delivering, and supporting quality applications around nCipher cryptographic products. Our team can assist you in maximizing the value and effectiveness of your code. The specialized nature of writing secure code may not necessarily align with your core developers area of expertise, nCipher ASG are able to leverage over 40 years of encryption experience, giving you the confidence to deploy more rapidly and effectively, while mitigating the risk of introducing security vulnerabilities into the core of your environment.


  • Code reviews by experienced encryption security specialists
  • Increase productivity of your developers and confidence in your application code
  • Maximize your ROI through rigorous code assessment. Don't compromise your investment by deploying insecure code
  • Increase your teams awareness to protect all your critical applications