Data Sheet

Public Key Infrastructure Migration Service

Many organizations installed PKIs a number of years ago to provide credentials to users or applications and may still be operating the same version of the PKI software and operating system today. For example, Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services 2003, like its host Server 2003, is end-of-life. Likewise, any PKI based on the now deprecated SHA-1 hashing algorithm ought to be migrated to use the more secure SHA-2 hashing algorithm.

nCipher eSecurity Advanced Solutions Group (ASG) can help you safely and securely migrate your PKI to a newer version, enabling you to take advantage of recent security developments and other functional benefits.

Your consultant will initially work with you to assess your PKI and review your migration requirements. A major objective of this exercise is to ensure that all applications and services using the PKI are identified for the purposes of assessing any risk of upgrading your PKI.

PKI migrations can be undertaken in many different ways including software upgrade or side-by-side installation. Your consultant will be intimately familiar with a repertoire of options and will identify a solution to suit your risk tolerance and business imperatives.

No matter the solution chosen, the nCipher eSecurity approach to PKI migration ensures that the entire process remains under your control with clear risk mitigations in place.

Key Benefits:

  • Solutions tailored to your risk tolerance and business needs developed for you by consultants with years of PKI experience and knowledge of various approaches
  • High confidence in your new solution afforded by expert risk assessment and mitigation planning upfront and thorough testing upon deployment
  • Detailed planning and documentation yielding minimal downtime during deployment