Data Sheet

AssecoSEE Remote Digital Signature

Today’s customers are used to the banking which allows them to use online channels. To encourage the use of legally valid contracts signed online and provide a high level of convenience to customers, it is necessary to enable complete client mobility, with a minimum need for visiting branch offices. You need solution which is secure, easy to use and client platform-independent.

From a commercial and efficiency point of view there is also a strong drive to replace paper-based processes with secure, electronic ones. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to implement a simple solution that enables users and an organization’s personnel to produce electronic documents in a form which is as legal as the one of paper-based documentation, and which can be accomplished by means of using the RDS digital signatures. This solution can be used on any browser or Smart Phone/ Tablet device. Advanced digital signature, created by means of using RDS certificates is equivalent to handwritten signature.