Data Sheet

nShield HSM Health Check and Training

Faced with the challenges of system and hardware updates, virtualization, and staff changes, it can be more difficult to maintain systems than to deploy them. But with encryption and digital signatures serving as the foundation for many compliance and security programs, system downtime or an operational misstep could lead to failed audits or even lost data. Ensuring the health of vital systems is a necessity—not a luxury.

The nShield HSM Health Check and Training verifies the health of your nShield hardware security module (HSM) deployment and leaves your team with the knowledge needed to keep systems maintained. As part of a two day, on-site engagement, an nCipher consultant will review your deployment, provide written recommendations for system maintenance, and train your staff with the latest materials. When complete, you'll have more confidence that your configurations are valid and that your team is adequately trained to maintain your HSMs.

Service Overview

The nShield HSM Health Check and Training is an on-site engagement to evaluate the configuration and health of an nShield HSM deployment. The service includes hands-on training to enable ongoing maintenance and operation.

Learn more about the service deliverables by downloading the data sheet.