Solution Brief

Citrix NetScaler and nCipher nShield optimize SSL traffic and securely manage critical keys within a FIPS-certified appliance

The Problem: Business Critical Web/saas Applications That Handle Sensitive Information Are At Increased Risk

With the expansive growth of the internet and online transactions, confidential information exchanged online and especially in the cloud can be intercepted and exploited. Secure sockets layer (SSL) connections protect sensitive information, but encrypting the data alone is not enough. A compromise of SSL encryption keys can lead to a compromise of SSL sessions – exposing the encrypted data flowing through SSL tunnels between end user devices and web servers.

Citrix Netscaler and nCipher nShield Optimize SSL Traffic and Securely Manage Critical Keys within a FIPS-certified Appliance

  • Delivers high performance, availability, scalability, and trust for today’s application infrastructures
  • Supports virtual and cloud-based environments
  • Provides centralized SSL key storage and management
  • Offers a robust FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified platform
  • Facilitates compliance with data security regulations