Solution Brief

Data Protection Solutions for Retail and Hospitality Enterprises

As processors of highly sensitive customer payment information, retailers and hospitality enterprises face ongoing threats from cybercriminals seeking to steal that data. Breaches of customer records can result in costly notification processes, loss of trust among consumers and extensive litigation.

While many businesses use encryption to protect customer data stored in on-premises databases, data centers and cloud environments, their approach to securing their critical encryption keys can fall short.

Thales helps retail and hospitality organizations strengthen their data security and compliance postures.

  • Protect the confidentiality and integrity of payment transactions
  • Safeguard customer records across on premises and cloud environments
  • Simplify compliance with PCI DSS and other data privacy mandates
  • Secure your organization’s most sensitive keys and business processes in an independently-certified, tamper-resistant environment
  • Protect brand reputation and revenue against long-term damage
  • Encrypt sensitive data efficiently, with little to no performance impact