Solution Brief

Entrust Datacard and nCipher Deliver Secure and High Performing Identity Management

The Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile proliferation make strong identity management more important than ever. Public key infrastructure (PKI) solutions are ideally suited to establish trusted identities of users, devices, applications and services for secure access to critical enterprise systems and resources - delivering essential elements of a secure environment.

With increasing dependency on digital transactions and authentication methods in today’s environment, applications and services rely on PKIs to deliver appropriate levels of assurance. The emergence of new requirements, such as supporting issuance of device certificates for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs and IoT networked device enrollment, demands trusted identities. Strong protection for the private keys used by in-house or hosted PKIs is an essential element of an effective security strategy.

Integrated Solution Enhances security of In-house and Hosted Public Key Infrastructure Deployments

  • Establish strong foundation for user identities across enterprise applications
  • Control access to on-premises and hosted deployments
  • Manage certificate lifecycle, including backup / recovery
  • Provide root of trust to safeguard sensitive private keys
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance with FIPS and Common Criteria