Solution Brief

nCipher and VASCO Data Security Help Enable Security and Compliance in the Gaming Industry

nCipher and VASCO offer a joint solution that ensures gamers’ identities are protected by using strong, dynamic passwords.

nCipher and VASCO offer an integrated solution that covers the full lifecycle management of user credentials and authentication devices. This includes the enrollment process required for age verification as well as issuing authentication devices. This ensures that the enrolled user’s identity cannot be easily passed on or stolen, demonstrating that the gaming company is exercising due care in limiting its games to individuals who pass the legal age requirements.

Solutions to:

  • Comply with PCI DSS
  • Protect gamers’ identities and assets
  • Verify and enforce age limits
  • Safeguard online payments
  • Ensure confidentiality of databases
  • Satisfy audit requirements
  • Stop fraud through backdating
  • Does not affect the end user's experience