The cryptographic landscape is shifting - how do you stay safe?

The recent Snowden disclosures regarding the NSA’s alleged activity, as well as its influence on NIST and other organizations, put existing industry standard cryptographic algorithms and key lengths under renewed scrutiny. Equally, academic analysis of the same algorithms may indicate their useful lifecycle to be shorter than previously predicted. This combination may precipitate the need for rapid shifts from outdated algorithms and key strengths, to different ones less susceptible to attack or collisions.

In this webinar, analyst Securosis will discuss these important landscape changes and you’ll hear strategies for managing the cryptographic algorithm and key length elements necessary for data protection, separate from core application functions so that algorithms can be replaced quickly and administratively - without requiring changes to application code. You’ll leave knowing how Prime Factor’s EncryptRIGHT makes encryption easy and Thales HSMs make encryption even stronger!

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