Global PKI Trends…Revealed!

In this webinar, Peter DiToro, Vice President Advanced Solutions, ASG, Thales eSecurity, and independent researcher, Larry Ponemon, discuss the increased reliance on public key infrastructures (PKIs) in today’s enterprise environment, and how they are supporting a growing number of applications.

Many organizations stood up PKIs in the early to mid 2000s to support certificate issuance for applications like strong authentication and SSL. As time has rolled forward, an increasing number of enterprise applications are in need of certificate issuance services, and many older PKIs are not equipped to support them.

Join Peter DiToro and Larry Ponemon, who will discuss issues facing current PKIs, and drivers to upgrade or refresh a PKI, including:

  • End of life of Microsoft Server 2003 (upon which many PKIs were based)
  • Moving to longer RSA key lengths (from 1024 to 2048 or higher)
  • Supporting newer algorithms (like Elliptic Curve Crypto)
  • Supporting newer certificate types (like device certificates)
  • Needing to move from the deprecated SHA-1 hashing algorithm to SHA-2 (this has made news via Google)
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