Protecting Your Sensitive Data Does Not Have to Impact Business Operations

Highly publicized software attacks and data breaches, combined with strict regulatory requirements, reinforce the ongoing risks associated with cardholder data at all points in the payment stream. The risks to data are everywhere, and your organization is ultimately responsible for the security of customers’ personally identifiable information (PII). This means you must protected PII not only during transaction processing, but also through business processes such as charge-backs, loyalty or repeat payments, storage and analytics – including outsourced environments.

Voltage SecureDataTM enables you to ensure sensitive data is de-identified while maintaining logical and referential integrity so it can remain in a protected state while still usable for critical business processes. Integration of Voltage SecureData with Thales nShield® hardware security modules (HSMs) provides enhanced safekeeping and management of critical cryptographic keys that underpin the security of the process. Enforced protection of sensitive data using policy driven data security enables you to protect PII across your entire workflow without disrupting operations and ensuring you can adhere to privacy regulations.

Presented by: Juan Asenjo, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Thales eSecurity, Mark Bower, VP Product Management, Voltage Security

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