Simplifying DNSSEC - Managing DNSSEC Has Never Been Simpler (Webcast)

Join BlueCat and Thales for a solution webinar on how you can better protect your sensitive data with DNS security extensions (DNSSEC). The Domain Name System (DNS) is what allows you to connect to anything and anyone on the Internet. Yet for all its business criticality, most organizations don’t properly secure it.

Mark Knight, Dr. Product Mmgt, Thales & Brad Micklea, VP, Product Mngt, BlueCat Networks

DNSSEC provides a trust relationship within DNS that protects your organization from falling prey to attacks or attempts to steal your – or your customers’ – data.

Managing DNSSEC security keys has traditionally been complex, costly and time consuming, but it doesn’t need to be. BlueCat combines the ultra-high security of the nCipher nShield Connect HSM with the simplicity of our IP Address Management (IPAM) platform to deliver the simplest and most secure solution available for managing DNSSEC. Learn what to look for in a DNSSEC solution and why some of the most demanding and secure organizations in the world trust BlueCat to securely manage their networks.

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