Retail Industry Data Security

Data Security Compliance Solutions for the Retail Industry


Retailers recognize their data isn’t safe, and this threatens their profitability. Data not compliant with PCI DSS standards increases credit card costs on every transaction. The sophistication of today’s cybersecurity outlaws makes the question not “if data will be breached,” but “when.” nCipher solutions can help retailers protect their data and meet PCI DSS requirements by making it useless to anyone who tries to steal it.

Data at Risk

Reportable data breaches can not only have a negative effect on sales and reputation and generate credit monitoring costs and fines, but they are also are alleged to have cost senior executives and even CEOs their jobs.

PCI DSS Compliance Requirements

Data not compliant with PCI DSS standards increases credit card costs on every transaction and may put your organization at risk for fines.

Encryption with Strong Key Management

nCipher and its technology partners make your most sensitive payment and customer data unreadable to unauthorized users through encryption combined with encryption key management backed by FIPS and Common Criteria certified nCipher Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).

Secure Execution Environment

In addition to protecting your sensitive keys, nCipher HSMs also provide a secure environment for running proprietary applications. The CodeSafe option lets you develop and execute code within nCipher’s FIPS 140-2 Level 3 boundaries, safeguarding your applications from potential attacks.

Meet PCI DSS Requirements

nCipher solutions can help you protect your data and meet PCI DSS requirements by making it useless to anyone who tries to harvest it. nCipher enables you to meet PCI DSS:

  • 3.5: Protect keys against misuse or disclosure
  • 3.5.1 and 3.5.2: Restrict access to keys and store them in fewest possible locations
  • 3.6: Document and implement key management procedures
  • 3.6.1 to 3.6.3: Securely generate, distribute, and store keys
  • 3.6.4: Change keys periodically (also known as rollover)
  • 3.6.5: Retire old or suspected compromised keys
  • 3.6.6: Split knowledge and control of keys so that no one person can misuse them
  • 3.6.7: Prevent subtitution of keys
  • 3.6.8: Document key custodians agreement with policies
Sophisticated encryption and key management solutions that protect mission critical data and applications

nCipher and our partners offers comprehensive data encryption and key management solutions that protect data across devices, processes, platforms and environments. These solutions have no negative impact on business agility and help retailers protect their customers, meet government and industry compliance standards and avoid the damage to reputation caused by data breaches

Strengthen authentication for payments and e-commerce using general purpose HSMs

nShield HSMs are independently certified to meet FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria standards and are approved for other approaches that can reduce scope such as Point-to-Point Encryption under PCI DSS guidelines

Data Protection Solutions for Retail and Hospitality Enterprises

As processors of highly sensitive customer payment information, retailers and hospitality enterprises face ongoing threats from cybercriminals seeking to steal that data.


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